Stealth Virus and the antiviral drug for CFS?

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In a page-one story in the Orange County Register , Vik Jolly reported
that Martin may have found an antiviral drug that
is effective against the "stealth virus." In the past four months, he
has used a drug, Epione, to suppress the virus in test
tubes," Jolly reported. "Testing on humans could begin in two to three
months, if the Food and Drug Administration
approves," Martin said.(4) [does anyone know what is happening about
this new drug]

Martin has been on the trail of this putative new virus for a number
of years. He provided one of the first descriptions of it
at the CFIDS Association Research Conference In November 1990. In this
report, Martin said the virus was probably a
herpes virus. It had been isolated from the brain tissue of a
39-year-old school teacher who developed organic brain
disease. (5)

The virus was uncharacterized at the time of the presentation, but
Martin commented rather enigmatically that "Recent
reports in this area raise the issue as to whether a herpes virus
could be mistaken for a retrovirus or vice versa." (6) In a
special report in the Fall 1991 CFIDS Chronicle , Martin described the
new virus as a type of retrovirus -- a spuma-, or
foamy, virus. (7) "Spumaviruses (foamy viruses) are classified as a
subfamily of retroviruses which are characterized by
their cytopathic [cell-killing] effect in tissue culture," Martin
wrote. Spumaviruses kill cells, creating a "foamy" appearance
when the cells clump together, and they "do not typically evoke an
inflammatory response and are difficult to detect unless
specifically tested for ... " (8)Spumaviruses also, Martin pointed
out, are found in "a wide variety of species." (9)
4. Jolly, Vik; "Virus Tied to Chronic Fatigue"; Orange County
Register, August 8, 1994.

Anyone know if this drug is still being produced? if so, where can you
get it?

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