Help: Growing Human T4 Helper Cells

Russ Hargreaves rhargrea at
Mon Jan 8 06:57:54 EST 1996

Dear Matthew,
I'm not sure from your letter whether or not you 
already have your CD4 T cell clones or whether 
you need info on how to generate them. Either 
way, the subject is rather like gardening  and 
everybody has their own methods.  You will need 
to get hold of some Human AB serum (from a local 
Blood Bank) to start with. You will also need 
very clean Mycoplasma free culture equipment 
(pref. only used for T cell culture). We 
generally stimulate T cells weekly but this 
depends on the specificity of the cells you wish 
to grow. Please contact me with more specific 
details of what you intend to do and I'm sure I 
can help.
Cheers Russ

RRRP87C at (Matthew Dubeck) wrote:
>I would like to grow human T4 helper cells in some sort of growth medium, 
>but need some direction as to where I should start.  Can anyone send me a 
>reference to a procedure for maintaining a human T4 helper culture?  
>                                                Matthew Dubeck
>                                                RRRP87C at

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