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herdm at fp.co.nz (Michael Herd) wrote:

>Hello Immuno-netters,

>Does anyone know much about polymyocytis?  I'm not an immunologist, but I believe
>that polymyocytis is an auto-immune disease that affects muscle tissue.  Is this true?

>I'm asking on behalf of a friend who has this disease.  The disease affects his
>muscles and he is not sure if exercise will help or harm his condition.  Any useful
>information on diet and living with polymyocytis will be much appreciated.



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I also have a friend who has polymyocitis.  It is an auto-immune
disease which affects the muscles.  He has been diagnosed for about
one year and is still on steroid therapy and chemotherapy.

His initial symptoms were lower back weakness and difficulty in
swallowing.  It progressed to arm weakness and abnormal posture.  He
has improved somewhat and has started exercising.  However, he had to
slow down because his CPK was rising.

I can write more if you want it.

Email:  llytle at pathology.umsmed.edu
University of Mississippi Medical Center
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