Alexander Hombach hombach
Tue Jan 9 12:17:22 EST 1996

I am seeking a permanent staff or postdoctoral position in the field of
Immunology, preferably Reproductive Immunology. I received my medical degree
and PhD-degree (Biochemistry) at the Universities of Giessen and Mainz,
Germany. From 1991-1993 I performed postdoctoral at the University of Guelph,
supported by the German Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation. In the labs of Prof.
David Porter I cloned the equine relaxin cDNA and studied expression of the
relaxin gene in various tissues by Northern blot and non-radioactive in situ
hybridization. From 1993-1995 I worked as a Senior Research Fellow in the
Protein Engineering Group with Prof. Ivan Roitt at the University College
London-Medical School. Employing hCG as a model system we used data derived
from the crystal structure and comparative interspecies sequence analyses to
design epitope-loss mutants of hCG by PCR. After transfection of the mutants
into Cos cells and using mAbs we identified particular amino acid residues
involved in LH-crossreactive epitopes on the hCG molecule. DNA-vaccinations in
mice were conducted to study the in vivo immunogenicity of certain mutant hCG
molecules.  Using mAbs we also identified hCG-epitopes involved in synergistic
antibody binding creating the rational basis for the creation of appropriate
bispecific antibodies. Studies on the role of relaxin during placentation in
intra-, inter-, and extraspecific equine pregnancies continued in collaboration
with Prof. W.R. Allen, Cambridge, UK. Needless to say that all efforts have or
will  result in publications. Hope to continue this success with someone
sharing interests in the immunological aspects of pregnancy and reproduction in

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