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Robert Thoburn rwthobur at watstar.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jan 11 16:31:42 EST 1996

To whom it may concern:
  My name is Robert Thoburn and I am a third-year biology (pre-medicine) 
student at the University of Waterloo. Currently I am searching for the 
latest information concerning the use of viruses in gene therapy 
(specifically, cancer) in an effort to complete a poster project for a 
survey virology course I am taking this term. I would greatly appreciate 
any relevant references, articles, names of researchers to contact, etc. 
which would assist me in discussing how viruses are being used in gene 
therapeutic practices.Unforunately, I am unable to receive e-mail, 
though I may be faxed at (519) 885-3515.I apologize for this 
  Thank you very much,

  Robert W. Thoburn. 

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