Did Vaccines...TIME OUT PLEASE.

Sun Jan 14 17:21:06 EST 1996

Dear fellow immunologists and others: 
    I have enjoyed participating in the above topic but now am 
concerned as to its direction, or lack of. Unfortunately, what had 
started out as a refreshingly interesting subject of global interest 
has now degenerated into emotional mudslinging from recalcitrant 
participants unwilling to change their spectacles (masks) to attempt 
to understand alternatives. Without wishing to adopt a patronizing air 
I suggest we defuse this topic by shelving it for awhile until e.g. 
the antivaccination league can bring specific concerns, not emotional
diatribe, to the network that can be effectively debated, and
conversely the kneejerk reflexes of defensive and beleagured 
scientists can be halted long enough to allow us to discuss current 
deficiencies of vaccine formulation and delivery.
    You may say the easy option for me is to globally delete all these 
messages. The reason I am voicing this opinion is because I suspect 
there are other similiar frustratees out there.


    Robin McFarlane,
    Principal Research Officer,
    Animal and Veterinary Science Group, 
    Lincoln University,
    Phone: 64-03-3252811 (ext 8176), Fax: 64-03-3253851
    e mail:mcfarlan at lincoln.ac.nz

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