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Tue Jan 16 05:16:20 EST 1996

Hello! I'm a PhD at Cambridge University working here at the Human 
Genome Research centre.  Hope your research goes well.

1) What best describes the type of institution you are employed at?

____ educational
____ clinical
____ pharmaceutical
_X___ biotechnology
____ government
____ other

2) Does your work involve the use of antibodies? (Y/N) _Y__

3) If no, skip to question 12. How often do you use antibodies?
__X_daily ___weekly ___monthly ___rarely

4) Are the antibodies used for clinical or research applications?
____clinical _X___ research

5) Does your laboratory use monoclonals, polyclonals or both?
_X__mono ____poly ___both

6) If you prefer one type over the other, Why? (ex. cost, quality,
We use monoclonal for their specificity

7) Do you purchase commercial antibodies or produce them in the lab?
_X__com ___prod ___ both

8) Have you ever contracted to have antibodies custom made to a 
antigen which you supplied? (Y/N) _N__

9) If yes, what type, who supplied them, and how much did you pay? 
____poly ______supplier _______cost

10) If you currently produce your own antibodies or contract to have 
custom made, How much, if at all, would you be willing to pay to have
antibodies custom made to an antigen that you provide? (In the case of
monoclonals this would include all of the immunizations and development.
You would receive up to 30 mls of ascites fluid and any cell lines which
may be produced. In the case of polyclonals this would include the
immunizations and you would receive several bleeds from one rabbit)

Polyclonals                                          Monoclonals

None ____                                            None ____

$100-175 ____                                   $1500-$2500 ____

$176-250 ____                                   $2501-$4000 ____

$251-325 ____                                   $4001-$6500 ____

$326-400 ____                                   $6501-$8000 ____

>$401       ____                                    >$8001          ____

11) What procedures do you use antibodies for?  Immunocytochemistry, in 
situ hybridization detection, flow cytometry

12) What is your present title? Research Assistant

13) Residence _______U.S.  ____X____elsewhere

14) Please include any comments and suggestions:

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