Help: How could I convince French Pneumologues to go on the Internet ?

Michel Godard (Crx/Chn) Michel.Godard at Paris.Net
Tue Jan 16 08:42:33 EST 1996

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How "French Doctors"  (Pneumologues in the present case) could be
convinced to get on the Internet ? I have to address this question
next week during the "5eme Journees de Pneumologie" in Nice,
France (on the French Riviera - it's winter time, but any one is
welcomed, bien sur on Thursday, january 25th and  Friday)

One of the Internet wondefull feature is the possibility to
establish direct person-to-person relationship on specific
matters, have then email dialog on a private basis whenever it's
required  ... and so on.

For new Doctors on the net, the problem is to discover peers
interested by the same subject in order to develop then a
fruitfull relationship.

In order to do so, I have gathered a short set of questions from
"Medecins Pneumologues" which I am passing along so that
interested professionnals can respond to me personnaly and I shall
use their answer as examples that "Internet is a must for
Doctors".  My email is:  Michel.Godard at Paris.Net

Here are the questions, originally in French. I have put it side
by side in english too for your convenience (to be read with a
"fixed-length character set on your screen, or printed as well,
for editing convenience):

1) Mise au point sur l'eventuelle     1) State of the art about
toxicite des beta2-mimetiques         potential long-term toxicity
au long cours                         of Beta2-agonists

2) Bilan biologique de debrouillage   2) What kind of biological
d'un asthme pour eliminer une         exams should be performed
maladie systemique                    to diagnostic and cure a
                                      possible systemic desease
                                      hidden by Asthma?

3) Dimethy-ether (gaz anesthesique)   3) Does any one know of a
et Asthme ?                           case of Asthma triggered
                                      by Dimethyl-ether
                                      (anesthesic gas)

4) Dimethyl-ether et proprietes       4) What are the biological
biologiques ?                         properties of Dimethyl-ether
                                      (anesthesic gas), especially
                                      in case of bronchial
                                      hyper-activity ?

5) Place des theophyllines            5) Can one spare the usage
d'epargne des corticoides dans        of corticoids in the
l'arsenal therapeutique de l'asthme   treatment of Asthma by using
                                      Theophyllins ?

6) Pollinoses et pneumopathies        6) Chest desease in South
allergiques dans les regions          East Asia: Does anyone has
tropicales de l'Asie du Sud Est       knowledge about Pollens
                                      deseases and allergic
                                      chest desease?

Thank you again for sending me whatever you have time to do on one
or more of this subjects. I shall pass your answers individually
to the Doctor who asked it and use your answers as examples to
show the French Pneumologist population what return they can
expect from the Internet in this specific case of usage.

Vous pouvez repondre en Francais (c'est parfois un plaisir
de repondre dans une autre langue que la sienne)

J'ai l'intention d'envoyer ce message a differents endroits - en
esperant ne pas vous atteindre deux fois - je vous prie de m'en
excuser par avance.

Moreover, if you know of way(s) to convince Doctors to go on the
Internet, let me know. I shall pass it around.

avec tous mes remerciements d'avance pour cet essai concu sans
arogance :-) par un Francais qui voudrait bien que ses concitoyens
entrent dans le concert de l'Internet.

Michel Godard

Michel.Godard at Paris.Net
3 Square du Croisic    F-75015 Paris   France
tel. (33 1) 47 83 28 28       Fax. (33 1) 47 34 14 14

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