Mickey Croyle croyleml at UC.EDU
Wed Jan 17 15:08:20 EST 1996

I=92m trying to get a EGF ELISA working using a method by
Grau et al (Endocrinology, 135: 1854-1862, 1994).   This is a=20
antigen-inhibited ELISA method.  Human recombinant EGF is
used to absorb to the wells and as standard.  My antibody is a=20
Harlan rabbit anti-EGF antiserum produced with mouse EGF.=20
We are interested in determining EGF levels in mouse serum.=20
This method uses defatted milk as the blocking agent.  =20
I am able to sometimes get a standard curve there is a lot of=20
variability between repeats in the same run and between runs.

Basically this method is not working for me.  Does anyone have
any ideas my this method is working so poorly or a better
method to suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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