antibodies for single sugars?

Zz Damn zZ zzdamnzz at
Sun Jan 21 09:37:23 EST 1996

I am only an undergrad but I think I may have a Little info for you. It is
my understanding that antibodies recognize specific regions
(epitopes/antigenic determinants) on a macromolecule such as
polysaccharides. It is believed that the epitopes of complex carbohydrates
are a function of the molecules covalent structure which in turn is caused
by  the complex array of side chain branching. If you classify this
structure and KNOW your AB's ...... I guess you could pinpoint the AB's
that will bind to a specific sugar. B cells do not recognize whole
molecules but rather discreet areas(epitopes). So I don't believe that the
AB would be too big to recognize the single sugars.... BUT.... there is a
question of the molecule having the chemical complexity and high MW to
bestow immunogenicity. I know you can find AB's that will recognize
specific sugars. But there is also the question of a polymer with several
different subunits...... I AGAIN .... am only an undergrad..... so I hope
you don't mind the DUMP METHOD of info I gave you. I hope it is
helpful.... Email me if ever you want.

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