Cytokine depletion

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> Hi netters!
> Would anyone tell me about proper way of doing cytokine depletion (IFNg and 
> IL-4) in mice (C57BL/6, if possible)?
> How much antibodies are required how often?
> Were you actually able to deplete cytokines?
> Any input would be greatly appreciated.

How long do you intend to deplete for?  A single shot of 2-3 mg/mouse
(with a good neutralising antibody) leads to a fairly strong transient
depleteion of many cytokines.  In our hands it works nicely for both
IFN-gamma (XMG 1.2) and IL-4 (11B11).  You get an almost complete
disappearance of ctyokine activity (as measured by T cell subset
development, and antibody isotype switching) and often the protein is
undetectable by ELISA.

For longer treatments, we injected 2 mg/mouse every 3 weeks with
maintainance doses of 1 mg/moue each week.  Alzet pumps implanted
subcutaneously worked better for some other anti-cytokine mAb (such as
anti-TNF alpha), which otherwise needed to be given every 24 hours.

Cheers, Mark

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