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Peter Duesberg, the retrovirologist, became well known for his public
stance that HIV is harmless and doesn't cause AIDS, and that AIDS is
primarily caused by cumulative toxicity from recreational and
pharmaceutical drugs. Finally, after many delays, he is releasing a book
without a co-author which covers his basic theory. Details below.

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Subject: Duesberg's new book "Inventing the AIDS Virus"

To lay to rest once and for all the idea that somebody is deliberately
banning a book, I have had permission to send out this "Publisher's
Preface" to Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter H. Duesberg.  Peter's name
will be the only name on the cover page.  The book has essentially all the
same material as Bryan Ellison's, but will have all the publicity and
distribution facilities of Regnery put behind it.  They plan to initially
publish 100,000 copies.  This is the attention that we always felt the
book deserved. Actual release date 3/22/96.

Fred Cline, San Francisco


Publisher's Preface 
(Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC, phone 202-546-5005 or 800-462-6420)

As one reviewer said, "At last! This is the book every AIDS-watcher has been
awaiting, in which the most prominent and persistent critic of HIV as the
cause of AIDS presents his case most exhaustively and popularly."

The book you are about to read has been a long time in coming.  Why?  It is
at once enormously controversial and impeccably documented.  It comes from a
scientist and writer of great ability and courage.  It will cause, we
believe, a firestorm of yet undetermined proportions in both the scientific
and lay communities.  And it is, I think I am safe in saying, about the most
difficult book that the Regnery Company has published in nearly 50 years in
the business. 

If Duesberg is right in what he says about AIDS, and we think he is, he
documents one of the great science scandals of the century.  AIDS is the
first political disease, the disease that consumes more government research
money, more press time, and indeed probably more heartache--much of it
unnecessary--than any other.  Duesberg tells us why.  

Regnery is the third publisher to have contracted to publish Inventing the
AIDS Virus.  Addison Wesley initially announced the book in 1993.  St.
Martin's signed it in January 1994 and subsequently assigned its contract
to us in January 1995.  We announced it, initially, in the fall of 1995
and finally published it in February 1996. 

Bryan Ellison, Duesberg's former research assistant and original
co-author, became disenchanted with Duesberg's and his publisher's
insistence on careful documentation and self-published his own version
under the title Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS in 1994.  We sued
Ellison for breach of contract and copyright violation and, after a
two-week federal court jury trial, were awarded a six-figure verdict and
an injunction against Ellison's edition. 

Inventing the AIDS Virus has been edited by at least five editors, has
been agonized over by the publishers of three major publishing firms, and
concurrently praised and damned by countless critics. 

We anticipate that the prepublication controversy may be just a precursor of
what is to follow.  In our tradition of presenting the public provocative
books, we are proud to be Peter Duesberg's publisher.  

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