Help with affinity chromatography

Christina Fritz chf at
Wed Jan 24 12:19:31 EST 1996

Hi there!

I'm quite new in the field of working with antibodies and currently trying
to purify a protein from honeybee-brain with a monoclonal antibody that was
derived also from beebrain. I use Sepharose-Beads with Anti-Maus-IgG. My
problem now is that it is easy to bind my monoclonal antibody to the Beads,
but only little protein is bound (the binding capacity was much higher in
tests where the antibody was in solution). The other problem is that I
cannot elute the protein without eluting the monoclonal antibody. I tried
crosslink with Succinimide but that did not work. I would be glad to get
some hints for these problems or  where to look for information (please
answer per email). Thanks in advance...


email: chf at

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