Peter Duesberg's AIDS book preface

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Sat Jan 27 11:56:21 EST 1996

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>Peter Duesberg, the retrovirologist, became well known for his public
>stance that HIV is harmless and doesn't cause AIDS, and that AIDS is
>primarily caused by cumulative toxicity from recreational and
>pharmaceutical drugs. Finally, after many delays, he is releasing a book
>without a co-author which covers his basic theory. Details below.
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>Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 01:53:58 -0500 
>From: Fred Cline (Facpat at 
>Subject: Duesberg's new book "Inventing the AIDS Virus"
>To lay to rest once and for all the idea that somebody is deliberately
>banning a book, I have had permission to send out this "Publisher's
>Preface" to Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter H. Duesberg. 

>They plan to initially
>publish 100,000 copies.  This is the attention that we always felt the
>book deserved. Actual release date 3/22/96.
>Fred Cline, San Francisco
>Publisher's Preface 
>(Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC, phone 202-546-5005 or 800-462-6420)
>We anticipate that the prepublication controversy may be just a precursor of
>what is to follow.  In our tradition of presenting the public provocative
>books, we are proud to be Peter Duesberg's publisher.  

I hope this passage isn't a "precursor" of what is to follow.  How can 
you trust anything written by someone who misuses words like this?  
Admittedly this is the "Publisher's Preface" and not the work of the 
author being published but still....


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