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: Could you give me some information or way to fined some infirmation 
: about macrofages.
spelt   macrophages 

Well, what level of information do you want? If you just want some basic stuff
try an immunology textbook from your University library. If you want more,
you might try some of the reviews in journals like Immunological Reviews or
the more chatty Immunology Today. Both these titles are available from well-
stocked University libraries. To obtain the necessary titles of any articles
on macrophages, try an online search to somewhere like Again, 
your library will be able to help you out with this. Finally, if you want
to know EVERYTHING about macrophages, then be prepared to give over the rest
of your natural life to learning about them since they comprise a large part
of this fascinatingly and frustratingly complex field we call immunology.

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