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Gee Lawsons index is a directory of a lot of antibodies from different
But I haven't found it on the net.

My philosophy:
All what is really important (Linscotts directory, chemical databases
without fees) is not on the net.

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Hello Virologists and Immunologists,

I am looking for antibodies (poly or monoclonal IgG) against various 
viruses (esp. enteroviruses) and have a few questions: 

1) Does anyone know names and phone #'s of suppliers of antibodies? 
2) Any Net resources for finding suppliers? eg FAQ, http address
3) Another strategy for finding suppliers?  

So far I have tried the phone book, local colleagues, and the library but 
have not found anything useful. Useful information will be compiled, 
summarized, and posted to these newsgroups.

Thanks in advance.

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