Post-doctoral position

meinersmann at meinersmann at
Wed Jul 3 07:24:08 EST 1996

A post-doctoral position will be available this fall to study the 
immune response against Campylobacter jejuni.  The position will be
with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Athens, GA.  
ARS post-docs are generally brought on at the GS-11 level, with 
appropriate experience.  The project will be to study lymphocyte
sub-population  stimulation by material prepared from Campylobacter.
Experience with flow cytometry will be a plus.  The post-doctoral
associate will also participate in other projects concerning the
molecular biology of Campylobacter's interaction with the immune 
system and the development of recombinant vaccines.  For more
information contact:

	Rick Meinersmann
	meinersmann at
	voice phone (706) 546-3236

	Russell Research Center
	P.O. Box 5677
	Athens, GA 30604-5677

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