Hydrocortisone in FCS

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> Subject:      [Hydrocortisone] in FCS?
> From:         Larry Winger <larry.winger at ncl.ac.uk>
> Date:         1996/06/21
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> Has anybody come across any determinations of cortisol concentrations in
> fetal calf serum?  GIBCO in Scotland couldn't tell me anything
> ('negligible' I believe was the response, but I'm interested in the
> sub-microgram/ml range, into which the term 'negligible' might fall).
> thanks
> Larry
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I believe the best database for serum components such as cortisol is 
Hyclone Labs.  What I have says cortisol concentrations are about 0.6 
ug/dL.  Their company newletter(Art to Science) has listings of serum 
component concentrations.  One I have is March 1986 Vol 5 Num 1.

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