faculty and postdoctral positions

Kalpit A. Vora K_Vora at lac.jci.tju.edu
Wed Jul 24 09:11:41 EST 1996

   We are recruiting for two junior faculty positions (tenure track) at
the Kimmel Cancer Institute of Thomas Jefferson Medical College in the
field of Immunology.  We are particularly interested in candidates with
research interests in the areas of T cell receptor structure and
signalling, autoimmunity, and cytokine or cytokine receptor function.
   We are also recruiting for several postdoctoral positions in a recently
funded training program in Developmental Immunology that is a joint
venture between investigators at the Kimmel Cancer Institute and the Fox
Chase Cancer Center.
   Interested applicants should contact me by phone (215-503-4543) fax
(215-923-4153) or e-mail (Manser at lac.jci.tju.edu) for more information.

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