Flu Shots

Terry Burton telljb at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jun 3 04:09:41 EST 1996

Thanks Andrew
It is very easy for non-medical folk such as myself to be
confused with matters as complex as immunology, but thanks
to groups like this, I am able to at least understand some
of the issues involved.
Hey... I forgive you for using VI, I run Linux on my PC and
enjoy using it, but it is very hard not to take advantage of
the many excellent programs available for Windows when using
the Net.

>andrewF at qimr.edu.au (Andrew Fell) wrote:
>Influenza and colds are different things.  Colds are mild infections caused
> by a very large number of viruses and therefore difficult to vaccinate against
>Flu is caused by influenza viruses and you can vaccinate against them, but the
> vaccines are protective
>against speciofic strains only and therefore have to be reformulated every year
>according to which strians are present in that year.
>Finally you should not confudse vaccines which are protective measures with 
>therapeutics which treat diseases.  
>Still, as we know from reading this list, vaccines are just a conpiracy by drug 
>companies, the CIA, MI5, alien visitors and OJ Simpson to weaken the immune 
>systems of american children. 
>Andrew Fell
>who works at the QIMR in Brisbane
>which does not necessarily endorse anything he says.
>THIs VI editor majkes me look like a semiliterate.

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