books on Immunology ?

Jos é Luis Checa cybersys at redestb.es
Mon Jun 3 11:19:07 EST 1996

Crystal Penn wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good up-to-date textbook on immunology and/or
> biotechnology ?  Please post responses to this group.  Thank you!

- A. Abbas "celular an molecualr immunology" 2º edition WB Saunders Co, 
Philadelphia 1994
- CA Janeway, The inmune system in health and disease. Blackwell 
Scientific publications Oxford 1994

- In Spanish, very good!!, JR Regueiro Biología y patología del sistema 
inmune. Ed Panamericana 1996

- Glazer, Microbial Biotechnology. Fundamentals of applied microbiology, 
WH  Freeman abd Co New York

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