New Immunology Text

Geri Park 76741.3551 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Tue Jun 4 12:31:12 EST 1996

"Immunology:  Understanding the Immune System" has just been published (March
1996)  by Klaus D. Elgert (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University).
ISBN 0-471-11680-7.  Contact John Wiley & Sons (1-800-US-WILEY) about 30-day
free examination copy.  The text features a lot of aids for the student, such as
mini summaries, self-evaluation tests, and "fast focus" boxes that reinforce new
concepts.  In addition to providing a solid background in the basics of
immunology, the book includes chapters on immunoregulation, immunomodulation,
and tumor immunology.  The appendices (molecular biology refresher, CD
molecules, HLA molecules, chromosome locations of  genes important to
immunology) make it a worthwhile reference book for the student.

	--Geri Park
	   Contributing Writer,   "Medical Materials Update" 

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