Birgit Sehested & Jens Rainer Hansen jrhbsh at post4.tele.dk
Mon Jun 3 13:46:03 EST 1996

I want to develop an sandwich ELISA, using a monoclonal catching antibody and a 
biotinylated poly- or monoclonal antibody as the detector antibody. The ELISA should 
only detect the p70 heterodimer or the p35 protein (not the biological inactive p40).

I do not want to by a commersial kit, only the antibodies. 

Do you have any proposals concerning where I can by antibodies which specifically are 
directed against the p70 or p35 protein, and an idea of how mcg/ml the microtiterplates 
should be coated with and the amount of detector antibody. 

I am relatively new on the Internet, do you know if there are other relevant newsgroups 
to discuss items like ELISA, cytokines and assay technology ?

I would be pleased if somebody could give me some relevant information.


Jens Rainer Hansen

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