Birgit Sehested & Jens Rainer Hansen jrhbsh at post4.tele.dk
Wed Jun 5 10:56:50 EST 1996

I want to develop a sandwich ELISA to quantitate the human IL12 
cytokine, using a monoclonal catching antibody and a biotinylated poly- 
or monoclonal antibody as the detector antibody. The ELISA should only 
detect the p70 heterodimer or the p35 protein (not the biological 
inactive p40). I do not want to use a commercial kit, only commercial 

Do you have any proposals concerning where I can get antibodies which 
specifically are directed against the p70 and/or the p35 protein, and an 
idea of how many mcg/ml the microtiterplates should be coated with and 
the amount of detector antibody.

I am new on the Internet, do you know if there are other relevant 
newsgroups where it is possible to discuss items like ELISA, cytokines 
and assay technology.


Jens Rainer Hansen
Research scientist

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