anti-factor 8 antibodies

Tom Vink tvink at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 7 00:55:34 EST 1996

burns at sasa.gov.uk (Robert Burns) wrote:

>Hi folks,
>         have any of you heard of haemophiliacs developing anti-
>human factor 8 antibodies as a result of treatment. It sounds a
>bit improbable to me but just wanted to check if any of you had
>come across it.



>Robert Burns

>Monoclonal Antibody Unit
>Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
>East Craigs

>burns at sasa.gov.uk

A high  ( i think about 30 %) of severe haemophilia A patients ( no
detectable factor 8) get "auto" antibodies. Why is this so surprising
? I would think (no immunologist) that all of them would get these
antibodies during their long term treatments with this non-self

Greetings Tom

Tom Vink
Department of Haematology
University Hospital Utrecht
The Netherlands

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