New hypothesis. Can you help?

Reno Pontarollo Reno.Pontarollo at dres.dnd.ca
Thu Jun 6 09:42:46 EST 1996

>During this time,a neurotoxin-producing bacterium of the clostridial family becomes an
>established member of the intestinal flora.  Via the vagus nerve, the
>neurotoxin ascends to the CNS where it disrupts the release of
>neurotransmitters, resulting in the behavioral symptoms present in 
>some cases of autism and schizophrenia.

This is interesting.  However, perhaps you could clarify something for me about autism.  I 
thought that some children are born autistic.  Are you proposing that the mother recieved the 
antibiotics while pregnant?  Also, are there cases of autism acquired later in life (perhaps 
due to your theory)?  

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