Polly Matzinger's theory

dr._jack_komisar at WRSMTP-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL dr._jack_komisar at WRSMTP-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL
Fri Jun 7 16:15:17 EST 1996

          I heard the talk that Polly Matzinger gave at the AAI
          convention in New Orleans, saying that the role of the
          immune system is to discriminate danger from
          non-dangerous substances, rather to discriminate
          self from nonself.  The theory seems reasonable to me, but I
          don't see how it can accomodate positive selection of
          thymocytes (e.g., Sha et al., Nature 336:73 1988 and Mike
          Bevan's talk at the meeting).  Does anyone have any thoughts
          on this?

                                               Jack Komisar

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