Flu Shots

M. Doherty M_Doherty at NIH.gov
Fri Jun 7 09:57:58 EST 1996

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5119 <5119 at cris.com> wrote:

> > >therapeutics which treat diseases.  
> > >Still, as we know from reading this list, vaccines are just a
conpiracy by drug 
> > >companies, the CIA, MI5, alien visitors and OJ Simpson to weaken the
> > >systems of american children. 
> i was just wondering if anyone could tell me how the theory that
> vaccinations WEAKEN the immune system of children works? wouldnt being
> vaccinated STREGNTHEN the immune system ..i guess at least against that
> particular disease.. 

Sigh.  This crops up every now and then.  The idea that vaccines are a
plot by the evil medical establishment is bought to you by the people who
also think that aliens are hollow rubber beings (AKA the alien autopsy),
the earth is flat (or hollow, or possibly both), that an 8 mile high glass
pyramid is on the moon near the site of the Apollo landing (or that the
Apollo landing was a fraud,filmed in Nevada or again, possibly both) etc

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Cheers, Mark

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