Polly Matzinger's theory

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Fri Jun 7 18:43:10 EST 1996

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>          I heard the talk that Polly Matzinger gave at the AAI
>          convention in New Orleans, saying that the role of the
>          immune system is to discriminate danger from
>          non-dangerous substances, rather to discriminate
>          self from nonself.  The theory seems reasonable to me, but I
>          don't see how it can accomodate positive selection of
>          thymocytes (e.g., Sha et al., Nature 336:73 1988 and Mike
>          Bevan's talk at the meeting).  Does anyone have any thoughts
>          on this?
>                                               Jack Komisar


this was debated ad infinitum when she posted her "danger danger" theory
stuff to the list back about a year ago.  she posted the pre print of an
immunology today review, and her former mentor, ephraim fuchs, then
selectively replied to everyones criticism.  it was harrowing as they would
not answer simple, yet fatal questions.  they would, however, go on about
the more common and acceptable concepts that may or may not be related to
her danger theory, or anyother theory.  but theories are theories, and i
guess another theory is "ok".  the _Science_ people bought it hook line 
etc.  if you look in a recent science, oh about 2 mos ago-the picture of the
dendritic cell on the cover-it is an issue dedicated to their theory.  oh-
if there are bionet.immunology archives you can access those lengthy
discussions.  check the bionet home page?

regards , ralph

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