Mouse nasal lavage - formalin-fixed cytospin method?

David Parsons dparsons at med.unc.edu
Tue Jun 11 21:13:39 EST 1996

Wondering if anyone out there has worked out a method to use 10% neutral 
bufferred formalin (as the lavage fluid, reverse-flushed through mouse 
nose, immediately after death) for cystospin staining to view epithelial 
cells, neutros, macs, etc.  
My initial attempts have resulted in few cells turning up on the slides 
(while parallel PBS lavages work fine).    
Please reply to email as well as newsgroup
Any hints, cautions, etc welcomed also.  
David Parsons, PhD

dparsons at med.unc.edu

CF/Pulmonary Research & Treatment Center
UNC @ Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 27599

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