Stimulation assays using Alamar Blue

Dr Norman Gare igaren at info.curtin.edu.au
Fri Jun 14 04:13:28 EST 1996

Dear fellow readers of this newsgroup

Is there anyone who has used the Alamar Blue method for measuring the 
stimulation of murine spleen cells with a polyclonal stimulator such 
as Con A and/or an antigen of interest?  In some of the assays we 
performed in the wells of microtitre trays the cells in culture alone 
changed the colour of the dye.  Any advice re a successful protocol 
and details of the numbers of cells to use per well, Con A 
concentrations and antigen concentrations would be much appreciated.

You may prefer to email your reply direct to me at 
igaren at info.curtin.edu.au

Thanks in advance ...... 
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