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>I need information about the Gullain-Barre sindrome (comments, 
>bibliography or web-site). This is a multiple sclerosis like illness
>affects exclusively to the peripherials nerves (is a reaction of the 
>immune system to the myelin bands)
>	If you know this illness and can you help me, send E-mail to 
>cybersys at redestb.es
I am a nurse, who has provided care for these patients.  The disease
typically starts as a general virus.  It then, for reasons currenly
unknown in the medically literature, effects the peripheral nerves
(myelinated) causing edema and little if any conduction of neuro
impulses.  The disease had been effecting mostly young males, 19-23
y/o, however, I have recently seen it in 2 mos to 10 y/o.  Typically,
the most severe begins as a weakness in the arms and legs and gradually
advances to the respiratory system.  We often have to intubate these
kids for weeks to months, until the inflammation passes and conduction
is restored.  Treatment:  plasma phoresis (that's my area of interest),
IVIG to enhance the immune system, and replace the plasma with FFP or
albumin.  The treatment is repeated QOD until a specific quantity of
plasma has been removed.  Rehab is usually years for the most effected.
 If I can help you further, jcarrin1 at ix.netcom.com, I am to be a new
doctoral candidate in microbiology in the fall.
>	Tanks for your interest

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