B lymphocytes in mouse spleen

Andrew Fell andrewF at qimr.edu.au
Sun Jun 16 19:59:45 EST 1996

If you make a single cell suspension from a mouse spleen by 
mashing it through a mesh or similar, then about 40% of the cells
you get out will be B cells (positive for surface Ig).  See (ahem)
A.H. Fell and P.M. Preston, International Journal for Parasitology
1992, vol. 22 p. 491.  
However, I think there will be some cells left in the spleen tissue
you discard, such as dendritic cells, endothelial cells etc which
are not easily dispersed by mechanical means.  I do not think anyone 
has assessed this, and usually, us immunologists being simple folks,
we chuck them away and regard the lymphocytes as the cells that matter.
I hope this is helpful.

Andy Fell

"He's not the Messiah.  He's a very naughty boy."

Chui Yiu-Loon (chuiyl at hkstar.com) wrote:
: I wonder whether anyone would kindly tell me what proportion B cells 
: is in adult mouse spleen single cell suspension? This sounds a very 
: simple question, but I find it difficult to get a straight answer from 
: standard textbooks. In Cellular and Molecular Immunology (2nd edition) 
: by Abbas et al., it says B lymphocytes form 40-45% of total 
: lymphocytes in the spleen (human or mouse, not specified). But then 
: what proportion total lymphocytes make in the entire spleen cell 
: population? - No answer on that. In Basic and Clinical Immunology (7th 
: edition) by Stites et al., it says B cells make up 40% of lymphocytes 
: in spleen marginal zone-white pulp, but again not the information I 
: would like to have. Perhaps it is too simple that no one cares any 
: more to know about. Thanks for any help in advance.

: Yiu-Loon Chui, Ph.D
: Clinical Immunology Unit
: Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong

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