Anti-hamster IgG antibody?

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Tue Jun 18 16:58:56 EST 1996

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>Shinwa Shibata wrote:
>> Most monoclonal antibodies of hamster IgG isotype are from
hybridomas established
>> by fusing myeloma cells and cells of Armenian hamster.
>> Because Armenian hamster and most popular Syrian hamster belong to
>> species each other (Armenian hamster = Cricetulus migratorius,
Syrian hamster =
>> Mesocricetus auratus), I wonder if I can use usual commercial
anti-hamster IgG as
>> a 2nd reagent to detect the 1st Ab of Armenian hamster IgG isotype?
>> Thank you for your attention and for any comments.
>> Shinwa Shibata
>Most commercially available anti-hamster antibodies are made to the
>popular Syrian species. These antibodies will maintain a 70 to 75% 
>crossreactivity with  Armenian species. So an anti-Syrian antibody 
>can be used to detect antibodies raised in Armenian hamsters.
>Tom Brotcke

Additionally, John Kappler & Pippa Marrack's lab generated an
anti-hamster mAb a couple of years ago, for the purpose of using it as
a secondary antibody with hamster anti-TCR mAbs.
    I do not know whether this antibody is commercially available. If
you are interested I could dig up the details of this reagent.

Andrew Herman 

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