beads for growing cells

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microcarrier beads are manufactered and sold by Pharmacia, though they 
are not promoted much by the company.  They will send samples if you 

Wind (wind at biobase.dk) wrote: > john d tyler (jdtyler at sprynet.com) wrote:
> : If memory serves me, about 10 years ago or so, there was a commercial product 
> : consisting of a type of bead [glass or plastic??] that had been treated to 
> : allow growth of cell lines requiring attachment. Does anyone know if such a 
> : product is still manufactured, and if so, by whom??

> : Thanks in advance for any replies.

> Nunc (Denmark) manufactures *Biosilon* which fits your description, i.e.
> microcarriers for cultivation of anchorage dependent cells in suspension.
> (Nuncs description).

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> Denmmark

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