Allergy or irritant response?

Freddy de Bree bree at yorvic.york.ac.uk
Fri Jun 21 04:08:40 EST 1996

Dear Betty,

Your response sounds far too specific for a irritation response!
If I were you take another specialist on the job!!!

I am not without experience on this.
I am suffering (well, not anymore now that I know what it is) from 
what *really* is an irritation response. Everything that practically
sticks to my skin and stays there for a while will cause the irritation: 
i.e. it gets very very itchy. Had skin tests done and indeed I am
allergic (!) to pollen and a lot of animals. But when it comes to smoke
or the like I just get very itchy. And that's to their opinion 
oversensitivity (irritation).

But your response is really an allergy. I mean it got all the signs of
it and should be treated as such. It is specific and time-dependent
indicating an immune resp.


BBrid38 wrote:
> I have a severe almost instant asthmatic reaction when exposed to a
> specific chemical often found in fragrances and fragranced products.  My
> allergist says it is an irritant response, not an allergy.  But other
> irritants such as smoke, dust, chemicals, etc do not cause a problem and I
> do not have asthma other than in response to this chemical.  Other
> symptoms occur from 20 minutes to several hours after exposure .....
> fatigue, puffiness of hands, and muscle /joint aches.
> Can anyone give me an idea of what might be going on?
> Betty

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