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Fri Jun 21 10:52:54 EST 1996

Celeste Moore wrote:
> Did anyone respond to the questions about pharmacia's phage display system for
> antibodies?  I would be very interested in those responses.  We are looking at
> using that system in a couple of months, and it would be great to hear what
> your experiences have been with it.
> Thanks in advance,
> celeste

Our laboratory have been using the above system for cloning human 
library and hybridoma antibody Fv for one year. But we got the problem 
that the clone get the right genetic sequence but without the biological 
function on ELISA.  Also, we find that the M13 plasmid has observable 
point mutation on propagation, some deletion observed, some clones 
after propagation give binding on ELISA but cannot be PCR by the RS 
primer or the PCR size by rescue primer get shorter. That means the 
binding activity of the phage is different in different batch of 
preparation.  So we are now looking for another vector for expression. 
DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTION FOR ME. Please give me a mail at 
s952187 at mailserv.cuhk.edu.hk

Vincent Poon, 
Clinical Immunology Unit,

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