Allergy or irritant response?

Lee Thompson-Herbert lee at crl.com
Fri Jun 21 17:55:37 EST 1996

In article <31CA6698.41C6 at yorvic.york.ac.uk>,
Freddy de Bree  <bree at yorvic.york.ac.uk> wrote:
>But your response is really an allergy. I mean it got all the signs of
>it and should be treated as such. It is specific and time-dependent
>indicating an immune resp.

A chemical sensitivity reaction has different mechanics than an allergic
response.  What she's describing doesn't sound like a histamine-mediated
response.  There are many possible immune system responses that are _not_
allergic in nature. 

I'll let one of the experts here go into the details.  I don't have a
textbook handy to refresh my memory on the _exact_ mechanisms.  

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