New cancer treatment (Jomol) - response to David Young

Martin Gluckman martin at mickey.iaccess.za
Sun Jun 23 11:47:31 EST 1996

Dear David and readers,

Thank you for your comments and interest in Jomol.  I have forwarded your 
reply to the scientists working at Jomol for their comment and combined their 
responses with my reply.  They are always eager to hear comments from their 
peers and welcome any response.

> From:     David Young <DYoung at fcs.net>
> Dear Martin and readers,
>         Sounds like there is some merit to investigation of "JOMOL."
> The before and after chest x-ray images appear real enough, indicating
> regression of tumor.  The concept behind JOMOL is nothing new, of
> course, and there have been other studies of Nocardia and other
> bacterial substances that have from time to time induced regression of
> cancer in patients.  If JOMOL would do so without much side effects
> and in a wide variety of cancers then this would be great.  I would
> caution the reader to realize that it will take a lot of patients to
> see just how often JOMOL induces remissions and just how long the
> remission last.

The case report of the complete remission you refer to has been published in 
the official medical journal of Karls University in Prague which means that 
all data had been checked and verified by the top professors and scientists 
working at and with the university.  This information can be verified on the 
Internet by doing a search of the Medline database (http://www.healthgate.com) 
for Jomol.  Incidentally this case of complete remission of metastatic male 
breast cancer seems to be the first case in medical history.

Secondly you seem to have mixed names that sound similar regarding Nocardia 
bacteria.  Nocardia Rubra which gives the immunostimulating polysaccharide 
fraction "Rubratin" is commonly known to have show to ameliorate or prevent 
cancer where as the before unknown Nocardia Opaca which gives a binding to 
tumor cells enabling it's use as a carrier for substances that can alienate 
cancer.  It's a highly water and fat soluble peptide fraction named Jomol that 
induces a body own killing of cancer.  The purified standardized peptide of 
Nocardia Opaca bound to Flouresceine is a carrier for example for chemotherapy 
agents thus needed only in smallest (i.e. micrograms) amount.  It's a 
non-toxic direct killer for cancer, even in the brain.  Classical chemotherapy 
can not work for cancer in the brain however Jomol does.

Thirdly, Jomol makes no miracles, nobody does in cancer cure.  But Jomol's use 
in "final cases" of patients sent home to die after all classical therapies 
have been exhausted has caused 10% of long time survivors (surviving greater 
than 5 years).  

> But it sounds exciting and I wish the investigators best of
> luck in obtaining positive results.  I certainly would advise the
> investigators to do the research properly and continue to publish the
> results in peer-reviewed journals.

The journals of Prague University are considered of the best in Europe.  All 
Jomol publications are reviewed by a group of professors both in and outside 

> One needs to know not only how
> often  JOMOL has induced tumor regression but out of how many patients who
> undergo the treatment has it worked.  How well and how long.  What
> side effects and how well is it tolerated in patients who are quite
> sick already.

Jomol has been proven to be non-toxic in 1000x overdosage, non-allergen and 
non pyrogenic.  Therefore there exist longtime survivors that had been in a 
coma short before dying.  It seems to be tolerated even in the worst 
conditions possible !

If you would like further information please keep checking the Jomol web site 
at http://africa.com/~martin/jomol/ I hope to be adding more publications and 
information.  As explained before much of the publications have been in German 
so we are presently having some translated.

Feel free to contact the scientists involved with researching Jomol, there is 
contact information available at the web site.  Specific questions and 
requests for further information can be e-mailed to jomol at genias.de

Best wishes and thanking you for your response,

Martin Gluckman
martin at iafrica.com

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