Mice CD4-CD8 Abs

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Tue Jun 25 10:38:29 EST 1996

Dr.Manuel Saenz Terrazas wrote:
> I am looking antibodies against mice or hamster CD4 and CD8 suitable for
> paraffin embeded tissue samples. I've reviewed Lakeside, Dako and Sigma but
> none of them recommend their antibodies for this kind of use.
> I shall be grateful for any help in this matter.
>                                                 Manuel
> Manuel Saenz-Terrazas, M.D.
> Graduate Student of Immunology
> Department of Immunology
> School of Chemistry
> University of Chihuahua
> Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.
> a65820 at uachih.uachnet.mx
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You might want to try Zymed at 800-874-4494, I recall them carrying anti CD4 
and 8.
Tom Brotcke

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