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> Back to the contagiousness issue.  I do not know of any 
> chronically contagious viruses.  Thank god.  

Not sure what you mean by chronically contagious, but never heard about
hepatitis virus? It sounds like that. 

>The ones that we hear of 
> chiefly affect cannibals and Europeans (BSE/HSE) and you do have to be 
> exposed to raw infected meat.

BSE affect bovines (cows, calves), scrapie affects sheeps, both all over
the world (not european cattles only)  kuru affects humans (but it was
described in a cannibalistic population well outside Europe), CJS affects
humans all over the world. Thus the Europeans/cannibals theory is not true
(or maybe you mean European cannibals?). Most important of all, the
ethiologic agent of these deseases (prion protein) IS NOT A VIRUS, but
indeed is a protein. The infectiveness of raw meat (to be precise nervous
tissue or thymus) has still to be clearly proven.
Just a quick observation.

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