chaperonin web page expanding - need help

Jeff Seale seale at bioc02.uthscsa.edu
Thu Jun 27 18:11:06 EST 1996

I am looking for help in expanding the Chaperonin Web page. Until
now, the page has concentrated on the GroES/GroEL heat shock proteins.
There has been considerable interest in expanding the page to the
coverage of other heat shock proteins, including the DnaJ/DnaK/GrpE
and TF55/TCP-1 families of chaperonins.

The original intent of the page was to cover as many chaperonin
families as possible. I think that I have got most of the bases
covered with the GroE chaperonins and would like now to expand to
these other families. Being only casually familiar with these
other families, I would like to solicit help in compiling information
similar to that which is already included on the page for GroES/GroEL.

If someone out there has even a little experience with HTML and would
like to participate in expanding the page, please contact me by email.
You won't get paid, but you will get lots of recognition from the folks
in the field who use the page. You can visit the Chaperonin Web Page at



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