About CTL cytotoxicity

Jean-Philip Truman truman at citi2.fr
Fri Jun 28 11:15:43 EST 1996

In article <01BB643D.A1A442A0 at tri04100.research.otsuka.co.jp>, 
q_kitagawa at research.otsuka.co.jp says...
>I'm interested in the CTL cytotoxicity.
>Now, we know that there are two distinct pathways in the CTL 
>Perforin/Gramzyme related pathway and Fas/Fas-ligand pathway.
>Then I wonder which pathway is more important in some immune diseases
>such as multiple scleorosis, Shogren syndrome, chronic active 
hepatitis and
>so on?
>I want to know your suggestions or comments.
>Hisashi Kitagawa

I'm not so sure that one pathway may be more important than the other. 
Hepatocytes have an activated Fas molecule, and in many instances of 
cellular activation, this also applies. Nagata's group in Japan and 
Krammer's in Germany group appear to be working on a hypothesis that 
Fas-mediated apoptosis may be reduced or abolished in cancerous cell 
(perhaps avoiding CTL responses). This would appear to leave only the 
perforin/granzyme route available in these instances.

I would also be interested in other cases in which one or the other 
pathway were more important.

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