Esophagitis-Allergy or Immune Prob?

John Agner 102605.3374 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jun 27 23:23:08 EST 1996

I have a child who has had repeated episodes of esophagitis, and 
the doctors believe it may be allergically induced because of 
ecenophiles in the esophagus.  However they have not ruled out 
some type of immune system problem, and previously treated the 
last episode with steroids.  The doctor says this condition is 
rare and has only been observed in the northeast corridor of the 
U.S.   If anyone has knowledge of other occurances and successful 
treatments, as well as literature, please email me at 
102605.3374 at compuserve.com.  The child previously had reflux 
which was corrected with a fundoplication surgery.

I'm a former American History and ED/LD Teacher at the secondary 
level, currently active in monitoring administrative decisions in 
my school district.  I also hold a principal's certificate.

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