Doing research for book and need help

justin standring standrja at boat.bt.co.uk
Sun Jun 30 17:08:30 EST 1996

Breifly I'm a writer who needs some information particularly to do with 
Virus/vaccine relationships.  I have some specific questions that I need 
answers to.  I won't go in to them now as first of all I need to know if 
you would be prepared to help.

Perhaps you could E-Mail me on: standrja at boat.bt.co.uk

I'm having trouble recieving mail so if you reply and don't get a message 
back from me it will be because I didn't get your message.  If this is the 
case please FAX Me on: +44 181 678 7276  (This is on during office hours 
UK time)


Justin Standring

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