MAb databases

George A. Heavner gheavner at voicenet.com
Sun Jun 30 16:24:27 EST 1996

Try http://immuno.bme.nwu.edu/

It contains "The Kabat Database of Sequences of Proteins of 
Immunological Interest".  I have found it extremely useful for antibody 
sequences.  You might also want to visit the Antibody Resource Page at 

George A. Heavner
Senior Director, Peptide R&D
Centocor, Inc.


In article <31D3FB2E.51B4 at ccc.uab.edu> Bill Berrington 
<bill.berrington at ccc.uab.edu> writes:>From: Bill Berrington 
<bill.berrington at ccc.uab.edu>>Subject: MAb databases
>Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 15:33:02 +0000

>Does anybody know of a computer database of monoclonal antibodies?  
>Just wondering.  Thanks in advance.

>Bill Berrington
>bill.berrington at ccc.uab.edu

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