ELISA reagent supplier help needed!

jchristn at umich.edu jchristn at umich.edu
Fri Mar 1 15:41:10 EST 1996

Our laboratory is developing an ELISA for human IgG subclasses and we need to 
know the allotype specificity of our reagents. Does anyone know of commercial 
suppiers of human IgG allotypes or how to acquire these reagenst from the WHO?

Also, we recently had a ploblem with KPL laboratories refusing to replace a 
suspect batch of substrate that they sent us (we didn't get it for almost 3 
weeks!). Does anyone know of companies that offer substrates comparable to 
their 2-component TMB and 1-component BCIP/NBT liquid substrates?

Please E-mail me directly since I do not have regular access to usenet.

Thanks in advance,
Rob Christner
Igglab at opus.mco.edu
rchristner at opus.mco.edu

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