Herpes infections

Mike Whelan whelan at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Mar 6 11:46:38 EST 1996

haviland at KIDS.WUSTL.EDU ("David L. Haviland, Ph.D.") wrote:


>I'm curious as to why Herpes infections (such as Zoster) are more severe 
>in adults than in children.  Any thoughts?  I'm curious as to what 
>differences there may be in adult vs. "pediatric" immune systems.  I've 
>not found anything of use in the classical med -micro texts (under 

	just a thought, but is it to do with primary versus secondary
infections? We know that many of the herpes viruses are
immuno-regulators, for example, ICP47 found in HSV downregulates MHC-I
via TAP. Consequently, any infection that overcomes these features
must, by its very nature, be more severe.
	I'd be interested in other peoples views on this.
Mike Whelan BSc PhD

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