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 To whom it my concern, 
          Hello, my name is Sara Williams I attend The Mendo Middle
School.I¹m an eighth grade. Mendocino is located 170 miles north of San
Francisco. I¹ve never really put anything on the internet so this is
totally killer, a new experience I guess. Mendo is right on the ocean it
gets really cold, but it is also a very beautiful area.
          I¹m doing a Science project on Sexually Transmitted
Diseases,(S.T.D.¹s.)My investigative question is: What do S.T.D.¹s do to
the human body?I ask that question because people think that AIDS is the 
only disease out there. I would like to show them that AIDS is not the
only Sexually Transmitted Disease that is dangerous.
           I already know a little bit about Vaginitis. I know basics
about the causes and treatments.I Also know basics about Gonorrhea,and
Chlamydia. I know a little bit about Genital Herpes. I could use a lot
more information on those topics though,especially treatments that are
new.Other questins I have are,
1.What are fatal S.T.D.¹s besides AIDS?
2.What treatments are there for S.T.D.¹s for example Genital Herpes etc.?
3.How can mothers who have have AIDS ³not²pass it on to their fetuses?
4.How infectious are certain S.T.D.¹s? Are there times when it is eaiser
or harder to transmit these S.T.D.¹s?
5.How fast do S.T.D.¹s spead threw the body? 
          We have good access the the internet at this school,so if you
have any information please write me because there is no information at
the  school for my report. Please send me your information, it would be so
highly appreciated. I have premition to do this reasurch from both my
teacher and my parent.
Please write me at:search at mcn.org
           At Mendocino Middle School we are putting together a list of of
previously written letters by subject matter, we would be happy to include
your correspondence to the list if you give your approval. You would need
to tell us whether or not  you wish to include your name and/or e-mail
address with the letters so that other students who are interested in the
topic in the future might get in touch with them, or at least know who
wrote the letter. 

Thank you a whole lot!!! 
                                  From: Sara Williams

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