Teresa's S/O and G/O hypothesis: what the hell?

charles mccarthy pandoc at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 7 10:55:05 EST 1996

In <313D6651.50D3 at mat.alpha.com> Michael Kyba <kyba at mailhost.bcu.ubc.ca>
>Theresa, what exactly is your point?
>Can you make it in a single paragraph?  Verbosity is usually
>a sign of ignorance in my experience (I have marked hundreds
>of undergraduate papers.)
>Also, have you actually done any experiments or are you just talking
>out of your butt?  Maybe you could propose some experiments to
>confirm or disprove your theory, whatever it is.
>Ernest Buckwell

Ernie's got a point here.  If you missed the point, or don't understand
something, it is the other person who is ignorant (not), and the first
thing you should do is insult them.

I'm afraid Ernie should stick to grading papers, and let those who are
skilled in the current state of the art and science insult each other.

A good experiment is practicing coming up with an intelligent question.

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